Covenant Between Changhua Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan
and Mid-Kentucky Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
As members of the Church Universal, affirming our mutual love of God in Jesus Christ and our desire to be in partnership with Christian sisters and brothers throughout the world, Changhua and Mid-Kentucky Presbyteries covenant with one another to be in partnership. Together we will:

  • 1. Affirm the unity of the Church under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and will strive together to demonstrate God’s love, justice and peace to the world.
  • 2. Exchange ideas and information concerning each presbytery’s ministries and mission, being open to the diversity as well as the similarities of our methods and beliefs.
  • 3. Fulfill our commitment of mutual mission and solidarity by praying for one another and maintaining regular communications.
  • 4. Commit to exploring programs of common mission with one another and other worldwide partners as the opportunities present themselves.
  • 5. Explore together matters of theology, polity and mission strategy.
  • 6. Create opportunities for face-to-face exchanges, which may include joint conferences, mission trips and professional development.

This covenant will be fulfilled with intention by the leadership of each presbytery, with the appropriate entity having oversight: the Mission Unit of Mid-Kentucky Presbytery and Evangelism Committee of Changhua Presbytery.