CLERK - Clerk of Session Report Blank Sample
CLERK - Guidelines for Session Personnel Committees
CLERK - Handbook for Clerks of Session
CLERK - How to submit an overture to the General Assembly
CLERK - NEW!! Structure of Mid-Kentucky Presbytery
CLERK - Parental Leave Policy
CLERK - Personal Leave Policy 11/16
CLERK - Research Strategies for Congregations
CLERK - Session Minutes Checklist
CLERK - Standing Rules
COM - 'Terms of Call' Blank Form for Churches 2017
COM - 8 Questions for Incoming Clergy
COM - Background Check Form
COM - Churches Without Pastors Packet
COM - Dissolution of Pastoral Relationship Acknowledgement of Sessions
COM - Examination Procedures for Previously Ordained Teaching Elders
COM - Exit Interviews with Pastor and Session
COM - Guidelines for Dissolution of Pastoral Relationship
COM - Guidelines for your Ordination and Installation Service
COM - Letter to Incoming Clergy Who Are Already Ordained
COM - Mid-Kentucky Presbytery Boundary Guidelines
COM - Minimum Terms of Call
COM - Minutes of Commission to Ordain and/or Install
COM - Misconduct Prevention Policy
COM - On Calling a Pastor
COM - Pastoral Call for Pastor or Associate Pastor
COM - Pulpit Supply
COM - Sabbatical Guidelines
COM - Standard of Ethics for Ministers of The Word & Sacrament
COM - Stated Supply Agreement
COM - Terms of Call - Blank Form
CPM - Examination of Inquirers & Candidates
CPM - Manual for Inquirers & Candidates
FINANCE - Financial Review Checklst
FINANCE - Mid-Kentucky Presbytery Investment Policy
FINANCE - Presbytery Loan Policy and Application